New Horizons

From 5 metres to 5,000 miles…
January 2023Reflections

One of the joys and challenges of life as a freelance musician is its frequent variety. I might be performing at the Royal Opera House in London one day and introducing children to the wonders of Baroque music the next, or rehearsing a Handel chorus with a Gospel Choir before discussing ornaments in François Couperin’s keyboard Ordres. 

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An Eagle over Falcons

Some thoughts on recording Worgan's harpsichord music
January 2021Reflections

When Timothy Roberts invited me to record John Worgan’s harpsichord music, I reacted with some scepticism. Who was this unknown English composer whose music is littered with unusual figurations, breaches of eighteenth-century compositional orthodoxy and even moments of harmonic kinkiness?

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Gothic Fest

Some thoughts on recording Schubert's violin sonatas of 1816
February 2020Reflections

It is always a treat to indulge in Mozartkugeln when visiting Salzburg. Dark chocolate, marzipan and nougat are an irresistible trio for this chocaholic minstrel. But what does such a confectionary delight actually have to do with Mozart? Are we to believe that his music is merely a sweetmeat?

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Kindred Spirits

Some thoughts on recording Weber's keyboard duets
November 2019Reflections

Music can be an intimate business: everybody seems to know everybody! So I was amused to learn that Mozart and Weber were related to each other through marriage...

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Quills, Hammers and Blades

August 2018Reflections

Just how many instruments do us keyboard players need...

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Private Passions in Public Places

December 2017Reflections

Performing in unusual venues can yield unforgettable experiences...

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